How to Generate Community Max Boosts

At Earnin, we’re all about people helping people. That’s why we’ve introduced a new pilot initiative where Community Members can generate temporary Max Boosts for others in the community when they most need it. Community Members can generate Max Boosts but cannot choose who will or should receive a Max Boost. Earnin may change the value of the Max Boost at any time. 

After you cash out, you will see a screen that allows you to check whether you are eligible for any available Max Boosts in the system.


  • You can elect to claim an available Max Boost and Earnin will schedule a temporary increase to your current pay period Max.
  • Earnin will inform you if there are no available Max Boosts but you can always check back after future cash out.

A Max Boost is a temporary increase to a community member’s pay period Max that expires at the end of the community member’s pay period. You can cash out with the Max Boost once you hit your original pay period Max.

Note: This initiative is in a pilot phase, and isn’t available to 100% of the community. As we improve the service, we may expand the availability to more Community Members. At this time, community members who have more than 1 failed debit with Earnin are ineligible to participate in this initiative. 


How does the pilot work?

You’ll be able to tip to generate Max Boosts for other eligible Community Members to claim. You cannot generate a Max Boost for yourself and you cannot choose who will or should receive a Max Boost. 

Tips don’t fund Max Boosts but they help support the service and make it available to other Community Members. When you cash out, you’ll be presented with different tip options and can generate Max Boosts through your tipping choice. The choice, and the amount that you tip is always yours. 

You are not required to generate a Max Boost for others. Just like tips, the ability to generate Max Boosts for other Community Members is voluntary. If you do not want to or are unable to at this time to generate a Max Boost for others you can select the CUSTOM TIP option to set your tip manually, or not tip at all. 

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