What are Boost Referrals?

Earnin is excited to launch a new pilot referral program where both you and the friend you refer to join Earnin will receive a temporary boost to your Pay Period Max once they sign up and complete their first Cash Out. Boosts Referrals are set at $25. This means that you and your friend will have the option to cash out an additional $25 this pay period when they cash out for the first time. 

Note: This initiative is in the pilot phase, and isn’t available to 100% of the community. As we improve the service, we may expand the availability to more Community Members.

How does the pilot referral program work?

  1. Refer your friend by tapping on the gift box in the upper right corner


  3. Select the messaging method to share the unique link with your friend. The link will direct your friend to download the Earnin app.
  4. Upon your friend’s sign up and first Cash Out, you and your friend will receive a temporary boost

How long will it take for me to receive my Boost?

Once we verify your friend’s app installation and first Cash Out, we’ll apply your Boost. This process typically takes 24–36 hours.

Where to find your Boosts

  1. On the bottom of the home screen, tap on MAX INFO at the bottom
  2. The “Max Boosts” section shows you how much of your current Pay Period Max comes from temporary Max Boosts. They will expire at the end of the pay period.

Important Notes

  • The temporary boost will expire at the end of your current pay period if it’s not used and your pay period Max will revert back to the original amount
  • There’s a maximum of two Boost Referrals per pay period. The maximum does not prevent you from receiving boosts from other programs (e.g. Max Boosts from another community member or Boosts generated by the Earnin community during Cash Out).

For the referrer:

    1. The friend you refer must not already have an Earnin account, or have been an Earnin community member in order for you to receive the Boost Referral reward.
    2. If Earnin has been unable to debit your account for a recent Cash Out, you will not be eligible to receive a Boost Referral even if your friend signs up and completes a Cash Out. 

For the referee/friend:

    1. You must complete the sign up and be able to Cash Out in order to receive your boost
    2. A boost cannot be retroactively applied 
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