What is WeWin and how does it work?

WeWin helps you save and gives you the chance to win big while you build a healthy savings habit for a rainy day or a big purchase like a new car, vacation, or down payment on a home. 

When you’re saving small amounts of money, you aren’t able to earn much from interest.

Each $10 you save in your Tip Yourself account earns you a WeWin ticket that will be entered for a chance to win prizes every week. As long as you maintain your Tip Yourself balance, you will continue to be eligible to win prizes every week. 

You may also supercharge your chances to win by inviting friends to join you in savings with WeWin. You will earn 100 bonus WeWin tickets for each friend you refer as soon as that friend downloads Earnin, signs up for WeWin, and deposits their first $10. Unlike tickets earned by savings money, bonus tickets do not renew each week.

For more information, please view the WeWin rules.


Are my other Tip Yourself Tip Jars eligible for WeWin Tickets?

Yes, your entire Tip Yourself balance across all of your Tip Jars is eligible for WeWin tickets.


Are there any fees for WeWin or Tip Yourself?

No, absolutely not. Tip Yourself and WeWin are free to use with no purchase necessary

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