We're saying goodbye to Health Aid

By the summer of 2021, Health Aid will no longer be available for Earnin community members, and the Health Aid icon will no longer be visible in your Toolkit.  

What happens now?

If you still have an open Health Aid bill with Earnin, please take a look at your open Health Aid bill and complete any actions required to make sure we can close out your bill before this feature is no longer available.

Why can’t I see the Health Aid button?

As we work to sunset this feature, the Health Aid button in the Toolkit section has been removed to prevent any confusion as we will not accept new Health Aid claims. 

What to do if you have an open Health Aid bill

Don’t worry! We will still review all pending Health Aid bills, but you will no longer be able to upload any new submissions after May 2021. 

If your pending bill is still valid, then we will confirm your case information and work with you until we have a resolution and your case is closed.

Please know that if we haven’t heard back from you regarding additional information your case will go inactive.

Helpful Hints

Don't worry! We still have our other features available to help you take control of your finances. Check out the Toolkit in your Earnin app for more resources. 

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