How does EarnIn Card work?

EarnIn Card allows you to access your earnings and spend immediately with a Visa contactless card.

Unlike transferring out funds to your linked account, EarnIn Card is not subject to a $100 daily transfer limit from earnings. You can spend up to $1500 per day on your Card, or take a no fee cash advance of up to $300 per day from an ATM.

  • Daily Spent Limit - This is the maximum amount you can spend on any given day from what you have available in app. This includes any purchases and ATM cash advances.
  • ATM cash advance daily limit - There’s no limit to the number of ATM cash advances you can make daily. But there are limits to the amount of money you can withdraw per day. 

With EarnIn Card, the amount listed as Available is the amount you can spend on the Card.  It represents available cash in your account and your issued earnings. 

Please keep in mind that Available Credit decreases with any purchases and cash advances at the ATM.