2021 Year End WeWin Sweepstakes!

As we approach the end of the year we want to announce our 2021 Year End Sweepstakes following the final WeWin weekly draw! 

Our final weekly contest will be on December 19, 2021 followed by the Year End Sweepstakes, taking place following the final draw. 

All community members that have ever participated in WeWin and received a ticket for a weekly contest are automatically put into a random draw for a chance to receive the 2021 Year End Sweepstakes exclusive prize of $5,000. 

Thank you for participating in this limited-time WeWin experience. We hope that you had fun saving (and even more fun winning!) and that you have a good end to your year. Keep an eye open to see if you win! 

Winners will be notified directly and can be found here.

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