My payday and debit date are not the same

Your debit date is based on when your direct deposit posts to your bank account. 

If your bank offers an early direct deposit feature, your direct deposit might post 1 or 2 days earlier than your employer-provided pay date.

For example, your bank might post your paycheck on Thursday, even though your official payday is Friday. In this case, we'll debit your transfers (plus tips and Lightning Speed fees) on Thursday.

If your bank charges any overdraft or NSF fees related to this pay schedule, and they are not fully refunded, contact our support team to review your account. 

Additionally, we can update your pay schedule if debits are processed earlier in the day than when your direct deposit posts. 


Why can’t you debit my account on my official payday? 

Debiting your account on the day your direct deposit hits ensures the smoothest experience with EarnIn. You’re able to transfer out without delay and your earnings start accumulating as soon as you get paid. 

What is an early direct deposit? 

Early direct deposit (also known as early pay, early posting, or early paycheck) is a banking feature that allows consumers to receive their paycheck up to two days early. Unfortunately, banks and credit unions offering early direct deposit are not always consistent about delivering the paycheck early to you. They usually say the paycheck is going to arrive up to two days early and make no hard promises on the exact availability of funds.

Why did my pay schedule change? 

Your pay schedule might have changed within the app because: 

  • EarnIn analyzes when your paycheck hits your bank account. If it arrives early, the app will automatically update your pay schedule accordingly.
  • Additionally, your pay schedule can be changed by a community advocate to more accurately reflect when your bank makes your direct deposit funds available to you. 

I’m still having issues with getting debited early

Our team is sensitive to this issue. If you’re experiencing consistent problems with mismatched pay schedules or experienced overdraft or NSF fees - please contact support so we can review your account. Thank you for being a community member.