My payday and debit date are not the same

Our goal is to help you access your money as you earn it, so we’re careful to send our debits on your payday so you can transfer out smoothly. Sometimes, banks may post your paycheck a day or two early. 

For example, your bank might post your paycheck on Thursday, even though your official payday is Friday. In this case, we'll debit your transfers (plus tips and Lightning Speed fees) on Thursday.

If you receive an overdraft charge because we took the money back before your paycheck appears in your account, this could mean we have your payroll set up incorrectly, or the setup has changed. 

If that happens, please reach out to our community advocates via in-app 24/7 chat so we can correct this for you. We will refund any fees that occur from debits that posted before your direct deposit.

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