FAQ - Bank Connection and Credentials

Why am I seeing an "Invalid Credentials" error when I try to link my bank account?

If you get an invalid credentials error when entering your bank username and password into Plaid, but are certain the information is correct. 


Here’s what to do: 

  1. Confirm the same credentials allow you to access your bank account in your bank’s app or website. Make sure to type the username and password manually without the assistance of a password manager or autofill. 
  2. If the credentials allow you to login to your bank account successfully, please take a screenshot of the home screen, with the URL visible.
  3. Contact support and we’ll file a ticket with Plaid on your behalf.   


Why is my account locked when I try to connect my bank?

This means you entered incorrect credentials three times or more, so the bank’s online security protocol temporarily locked your account.


Here’s what to do: 

Try to log into your bank account directly. 

If it’s locked, you’ll have to wait for the provided time period to pass or contact your bank’s support team. 

If you’re able to log in successfully, the message is a Plaid error. Please take a screenshot of the homescreen, with the URL visible. Contact support and we’ll file a ticket with Plaid on your behalf.   


What should I do if I'm having trouble connecting my bank?

If you’re unable to link your bank in the app, please try the following:

  1. Confirm if your bank is a checking account (EarnIn can’t connect to savings and prepaid accounts).
  2. Confirm you can log into your bank online and clear any pop-up alerts or messages. 
  3. Confirm if you have chosen the correct bank from the dropdown list.

Still having trouble? Take a screenshot of the error you see and contact us via live chat.