FAQ - Earnings

What are earnings? How are my earnings calculated?

With EarnIn, you can access your money at your speed through Earned Wage Access. Earnings represent the portion of your pay that you can access before payday.

There are three ways to verify earnings through EarnIn: 

  1. Entering your work-provided email address - What are Work-email Earnings?
  2. Using GPS earnings - What are GPS Earnings?
  3. Uploading your weekly timesheets - What are Timesheet Earnings?

Your earnings tick up every day you work, until you reach your Pay Period Max. At that point, your earnings will stop building up until your next pay period starts.


Why does EarnIn adjust my earnings every payday?

Your unused earnings reset because once you receive your paycheck, you have full access to your earned wages. Each payday, these earnings adjustments allow EarnIn to properly track your work and pay period activity. 

If you’ve been working, you’ll get three days worth of earnings on payday so you can transfer out. Earnings accumulate every day until your next paycheck hits. 


Can I use EarnIn with my earnings from commission or tips?

EarnIn verifies your earnings based on the direct deposits going to your linked bank account or EarnIn Deposit Account. Your hourly rate (after taxes) must be at least $4 to qualify. 

If you are an hourly employee and get your earnings through commissions or tips, you might not be able to use EarnIn even though you make more than $4 per hour on overall compensation. 


I’m a salaried employee. Why does EarnIn have to track the hours I worked?

Since we operate independently from your employer, we need a way to verify your employment status. 

Community Members with salaried jobs can use a work-provided email address to verify their employment or use GPS earnings.  

The work provided email address will verify you instantly, while GPS earnings requires a physical work location and uses GPS to track hours. 


Can I use EarnIn if I only receive social security or government benefits?

EarnIn does not work with Social Security or any other government benefits at this time. We're always working to make more payment types available, so please check back with us in the future.


Why did my “earnings since” stop increasing?

Each pay period, you can access a portion of the money you’ve earned but haven’t yet been paid from your job. Your pay period Max lets you know the most amount of earnings you’ll be able to access each pay period. (You can find this information on your home screen!)

Your earnings will build up each day that you work, up to your pay period Max. This could be a few days before your next payday. It will vary depending on your paycheck, your pay schedule, and a few other things. 

So if you see your “earnings since” no longer increasing, that just means you’ve hit your pay period Max, and you’re now able to access all of your earnings available.