FAQ - GPS earnings

Why does EarnIn need my location services to be on?

Enabling your location services (i.e. app permissions), allows the EarnIn app to add your hours automatically when you're at work. 

This is a more convenient alternative to uploading timesheets each week.  

Please keep in mind, the app works best when you allow permissions to be on 24/7. Your data is encrypted, and we never sell your info. If permissions are turned off and on often, we may not record your hours accurately. 


My GPS is on but I still don’t have earnings. What's going on?

GPS earnings automatically adds earnings based on your provided work address. 

Here are common reasons why your earnings are not being added:

  • If you have a new work location, we may need to manually review your new address, it can take 1-2 days for the change to be reflected. 
  • Your phone's battery is on Low Power Mode or Battery Saver Mode. This setting can delay GPS data.  
  • Your work location is in an area with poor reception.
  • You are on vacation leave or are not physically at work. Even if you have paid vacation leave or are temporarily working from a different location, we aren’t able to track your hours or add earnings via GPS until you return to your physical work location.
  • You switched to a new device recently. Sometimes there’s a delay with the app recognizing the location info from your new phone.
  • You have multiple devices. The app receives location info from multiple phones or tablets. When this happens, your earnings will be interrupted because the app is unsure which device to use for location info. Turn off one of the phones or turn off location services to fix this. 

If none of these issues apply and you’re unable to accrue earnings, please contact support so we can assist you further.

Please note it may take up to three days for earnings to update after the app is uninstalled from other device(s).


What are the work/job types that are not supported by GPS earnings?

There are several example of workers who do not work at a single location during the day: 

  • Community members who are On-demand/gig workers Community members that work in residential areas
  • Emergency service personnel 
  • Community members that work from home or remotely
  • Community members who travel for work
  • Teachers on summer and holiday breaks

There are two ways to verify earnings if you’re not eligible for GPS earnings


 I'm on vacation and I use GPS earnings. How can I update my earnings?

GPS earnings will not be able to update your earnings automatically if you’re not physically present at work. In this case, we will have to update your earnings manually. For us to do so, please contact support with one of the following documents:

  1. Start date and approximate end date of leave.
  2. Official document from your employer confirming that you are still paid while on/during your leave or paid time off.
  3. Copy of your pay stub showing leave or paid time off and the number of hours worked for the pay period.

If your leave/paid time off is in the future, you will need to contact support on the day your leave/paid time off starts.

To learn more about how we collect and use this information, review our Privacy Policy.