FAQ - Daily Max and Pay Period Max

Why does EarnIn have Maxes?

Maxes allow EarnIn allow you to get your money - at your speed. By evaluating each community member’s financial habits, EarnIn can continue to offer earned wage access. 

Each pay period, your Pay Period Max is reevaluated, you’ll see good financial habits impact your Max over time.


Do tips affect my Max?

No. Maxes are not impacted by how much or how often you tip. Learn more here: What is a Max? 


Why didn't my Daily Max or Pay Period Max reset?

If your Daily Max hasn’t reset, it’s likely because:

  • Your transfer has not yet been posted to your bank account. Your Daily Max will reset at 12 a.m ET (if you haven’t reached your Pay Period Max).
  • You have reached your Pay Period Max. Your Daily Max won’t reset until a new pay period starts.  

If your Pay Period Max hasn’t reset, it’s likely because:

  • There are EarnIn debits that haven’t posted or are still pending.
  • Your account is under review. 

If EarnIn debits already posted to your account, please contact in-app chat support with a screenshot confirmation that includes the last two digits of your account number. 


Can my Pay Period Max return to where it was?

Yes. EarnIn re-evaluates your Pay Period Max every pay period based on a number of financial health factors. Your Pay Period Max can range from $50 to $750, and can fluctuate over time.


Can I get a Daily Max of more than $100?

No, your Daily Max is capped at $100.