How can I pay EarnIn back?

EarnIn’s goal is to help you get to a better place financially. EarnIn doesn't work directly with your employer. Instead, we collaborate directly with you and your bank to debit your account for the Cash Outs you made.

On your payday, EarnIn will automatically debit your bank account for the amount you transferred out, plus any optional tips or fees. This debit will be a separate transaction from your direct deposit.

You have the ability to check your upcoming debits by tapping "Activity" at the bottom of the app. To make sure we have your correct pay schedule on file, you can go to Settings > Work Info > Pay Details. If something looks incorrect or if there will be any changes in your payroll, please contact our community advocates in advance so that we can make the necessary adjustments for you.

To check if we have your correct pay schedule on file:

  1. Go to the EarnIn app
  2. Tap on the  icon at the bottom right corner to go to app settings
  3. Tap Work Info
  4. Tap Show Payday Info under Pay Details

If you would like to reschedule your payment: Can I reschedule my debit?


Additional notes

Here are a few things to remember when considering paying our debits using this method:

  • You may opt-in to a money order if your bank account that was linked to the app has been closed and you don't want to open another one.
  • If you do have a new bank account but we do not support it.
  • There is no specific timeline on how long these can take.
  • We can only apply the money orders when we have received the full amount owed to EarnIn. As soon as the money order has been processed, our support team will notify you of its completion.

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