How to change or update my bank information

Changing banks can often be a hassle. Updating your information on every app can be time-consuming and confusing. Luckily, updating your info with EarnIn is fast and simple, just like transfers

If your direct deposits are now being sent to a new bank account, you will need to update your bank information in the EarnIn app. Just follow the steps below, and you’re on your way to your next Cash Out.

  • Please note: We will need to reactivate your account with this new information, and this process may take some time. Make sure you check in with our community advocates via our in-app live chat support at least 2-3 business days before your next debit

To change or update bank information (iOS and Android):

  1. Go to EarnIn app settings (the three horizontal bars in the lower right corner of the app)
  2. Tap on My Bank
  3. Tap CHANGE BANK (Do not select Change Bank Account or Update Bank Login)
  4. Select your bank from the dropdown list 
  5. Enter your online banking username and password

Once your information has been updated, EarnIn will send a test verification transaction that will post in 1-2 business days, much like when you first started with EarnIn. 

If you don’t see these posts and/or your account is still not active, contact our community advocates via our in-app 24/7 live chat support.

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