When will my pay period Max increase?

As we work toward a better financial system that is fair and works for the community, we look for ways our community can have collaborative control of their financial health. Our daily and pay period Maxes are here to help you when you need them but to also keep you on track with your financial goals. 

All new community members have a daily Max and pay period Max of $100. To increase your pay period Max, please consider the following:

Money Management

  • Keep your bank balance positive
  • Sign up for Balance Shield to protect yourself from overdrafts
  • Spend less money than you make

Earnin Use

  • Make sure we can debit your account on payday after you cash out

Your bank

  • Make sure Earnin is connected to your main checking account where your paycheck deposits

As we collaborate with our community members on financial independence, we work hard to keep your pay period Max in your hands. Your pay period Max can increase with good habits or by reaching out to the community for a temporary Max Boost. Check out our Facebook page here to connect with our community.

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