What is a Max?

At EarnIn, there are two types of Maxes:

  • Daily Max refers to the daily transfer limit. Community members have a Daily Max of up to $100.
  • The Pay Period Max is what you can transfer out within a given pay period. Over time, it can adjust to range from $50 to $750.

Your Maxes are determined based on a number of factors we believe are related to evaluating your financial health. EarnIn is focused on helping community members move money at their speed. That’s why we strive to provide information regarding your Max. 

You can check your current Max amounts and learn more about the factors used to determine it by going to the EarnIn app home screen and tapping ‘Learn more’ under your Pay Period Max. 

To learn more about Max increases and decreases, visit When will my pay period Max increase?

Or visit our Max FAQ page