What is a Max?

At Earnin, we have two types of Maxes:

  • The daily Max refers to what you can cash out in a day. All community members have a daily Max of $100.
  • The pay period Max is what you can cash out within a given pay period. All of our new community members begin with a $100 pay period Max. Over time, based on a number of factors, it can adjust to range from $50 to $500.

Earnin may adjust your pay period Max at any time. Your pay period Max is determined based on a number of factors we believe are related to evaluating your financial health. These factors may be changed at any time at our sole discretion.

As we collaborate with our community members on financial independence, we work hard to keep your pay period Max in your hands. Your pay period Max can increase with good habits or by reaching out to the community for a temporary Max Boost. Check out our Facebook page here to connect with our community.

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