Why am I seeing a pending debit before my payday?

EarnIn schedules our debits on your payday. We send the debit transactions before the actual debit date for processing. However, we do not change the debit date from what we have your payroll set up as. For example, if you are seeing a pending transaction on a Friday, but your payday is Monday, your debits are in the processing stage and will still be debited on Monday. 

However, it is possible that some banks process our debits early. When we send our debit transactions for processing, we give your bank the set date and they're supposed to honor the agreed upon debit date. If you feel you have been wrongly debited early, please take the following steps:

  1. Contact EarnIn support so we can check your account and ensure that we indeed have the correct debit day.
  2. Contact your bank and let them know the agreed upon debit day. Letting them know the correct debit day will ensure you are no longer debited early in the future. If you incurred any overdraft fees as a result of being debited early, the bank should be able to reimburse those as well.