EarnIn's debit posted but I'm unable to transfer out

There are a few reasons why you’re unable to transfer out. 


The debits are not showing as posted

Occasionally, there might be a delay with confirming debits have been posted.  

If this happens, EarnIn Care can manually verify the debit using a screenshot of your bank transactions with your current bank balance, and the last 2 digits of your account number.


The most recent direct deposit is not recognized

There might be a delay in identifying your direct deposit due to our third-party bank data providers.

Similarly, EarnIn Care can manually verify using a screenshot of your bank transactions

Note: We do not use pay stubs to activate your account. While it shows that you got paid, it does not prove that the deposit was posted to the correct bank account linked to the app. 


Not enough earnings

If you use GPS earnings, make sure you bring your phone to work, your GPS is enabled and your permissions are set to "Always On."

If you use work email earnings, contact support if your earnings aren’t populating correctly. 

You have submitted an electronic timesheet via the app but it was rejected. If so, contact support.