My debits posted but I am still unable to transfer out

There are a few reasons in which the Transfer Out button is not available:

  • Not enough earnings
    • There are times when your hours are not tracking properly. Make sure you bring your phone to work, your GPS is enabled and your permissions are set to "Always On"
  • The debits are not showing as posted
    • This is a rare occurrence when the debits will show as posted on your end but do not show as posted on our end.
    • We recommend that you send a screenshot of our debits posted, your current bank balance, and the last 2 digits of your account number. Once confirmed, the account will be manually adjusted at that time.
  • The most recent direct deposit is not recognized
    • The reason why the account doesn't update right away is that there's a delay in the bank transactions from our third-party data providers. It's possible that the app was not able to detect your recent paycheck.
    • To manually update your account, you may send a screenshot of your recent paycheck in your bank transactions and the last 2 digits of your account number by contacting us through online support. 
      • We do not use pay stubs to activate your account. While it shows that you got paid, it does not prove that the deposit posted to the correct bank account linked to the app. 


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