What if I receive an overdraft fee because of the EarnIn app?

Here are a few rare cases that could cause your bank to charge you an overdraft fee due to an EarnIn debit:

  • EarnIn’s test transaction posted without adequate funds available (our test transactions are a few cents).
  • If we ever lose connection to your bank account we will try to reconnect by issuing a small test transaction to your bank account again (our test transactions are a few cents). 
  • EarnIn incorrectly sets up your payroll (wrong pay periods/pay dates) causing us to debit your bank account on the wrong date.
  • Your bank posts our debits before your paycheck is credited into your account
  • When there’s a delay in the posting of your paycheck or a change in your pay schedule and it was not updated in the app
  • When you switch your bank account but it was not updated in the app

If you receive an overdraft fee from your bank due to any of the above reasons, please contact EarnIn Support via chat so that you can upload a screenshot from your bank account showing the Earnin debit(s) and the related overdraft fee(s). If it is determined that the overdraft fee was caused by one of the above reasons, Earnin will reimburse the fee.

Per our Terms of Service, you are responsible for maintaining a bank balance that is sufficient to fund all payments you initiate.  

Additional notes

EarnIn does not charge overdraft fees. Overdraft fees are charged by your bank.