Is my bank supported?

The list of banks EarnIn supports is always growing depending on our third-party providers who connect them with us.

To check if your bank is supported, when verifying your bank information on the EarnIn app if your bank is one that is listed in the drop-down menu then it is supported.


Can I add my PNC Virtual Wallet account?

Yes, you can use PNC Virtual Wallet as long as you’re adding your Virtual Spend account, which is corresponding to your primary checking account. Currently, we do not support Virtual Reserve because it is savings.

If you have a Virtual Spend account, please select PNC from our list of supported banks.


Does Wells Fargo EasyPay work with EarnIn app?

Unfortunately, Wells Fargo EasyPay is not supported by EarnIn since they limit our debit transactions. If you have a regular checking account that is not a prepaid account like EasyPay, you are more than welcome to register it with our EarnIn app.