I recently received a paper check instead of direct deposit. Can you update my account?

We can update your account as long as the following requirements below are met. 

  • The account is fully set up. You already made at least one cash out and it has been successfully debited back by Earnin.
  • There are no failed debits on your account for the past 90 days.
  • Your pay schedule hasn't changed.
  • If your check deposit is less than $100, kindly send us a copy of your recent pay stub with complete pay stub requirements.
  • Submit a copy of a letter from your employer stating the reason you receive a paper check instead of a direct deposit.

Helpful Hints

  • The updates that we receive from your bank are sometimes delayed so it is best that a copy of the check deposit and our recent debits posted (not on a pending status) are at hand before reaching out to us for faster processing of your request.
  • You may send a copy of the requirements via chat.

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