What are work email earnings?

EarnIn offers options for community members to verify their earnings. Work email verification is a convenient, one-time process to enable earnings. 

After verification, EarnIn does not contact your work email address or share the information. All account-related communication is sent via to your personal email address or phone number. The verification process does not expire unless you change employers. 

If you have a work-provided email address, follow the work email verification process below to track earnings.


  • An employer-provided work email. The work email verification process won’t work with personal email domains like Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud (even if you use a personal email domain for work purposes).  
  • Ability to access your work email inbox. 

How to verify your work email address

  1. Make sure you have the latest app version and access to your work email inbox.
  2. Go to the Settings tab (bottom right corner of the app)
  3. Tap My Earnings
  4. Select Work Email Earnings
  6. Enter your work email and tap SEND VERIFICATION EMAIL 
  7. If the email address is valid, you’ll see a message that an email is sent
  8. Check your inbox after the confirmation and look for an email from EarnIn with the subject line: Please verify your work email. (Note: if the verification link is expired, restart the process) 
  9. Tap VERIFY WORK EMAIL and the message "Your email has been verified" will appear with additional messaging about EarnIn

If you didn't receive the verification email, check your work email spam folder. 

If you would like to remove, update or troubleshoot work email verification, review our FAQ - Work Email Earnings