Does Earnin support Chime?


We’re currently testing ways that Earnin can support its Chime and Varo users. Earnin needs to be able to determine your pay schedule so that we can calculate your available earnings, as well as set your Pay Period Max. Because Chime users may receive their paycheck up to two days earlier than their scheduled payday, and because Chime offers Chime Savings and Credit Builder transfers, Earnin has been unable to fully support Chime users. 

It’s important for us to see a consistent pay schedule because we need to know when to debit your bank account for outstanding cash outs. If we debit your account before your payday, it may trigger an overdraft which may cause third party overdraft fees, and will also negatively affect your pay period Max. It’s also important that Earnin is able to see your full paycheck being deposited into your account because it helps us determine your pay period Max as well as helps to ensure that you will have sufficient funds to cash out.

In this test, Earnin will allow certain Chime users to connect their Chime account to Earnin. Users will need to follow the usual steps for connecting their  bank account to Earnin, but will need to update their settings in Chime before being able to cash out their earnings.

How to update your settings in Chime: 

  1. Turn on Allow Transactions in your Chime settings. Turning on Allow Transactions gives us permission to send Cash Outs to your Chime account and debit you on payday.
  2. Please pause Chime Savings/Credit Builder transfers. We ask that you temporarily pause these transfers until we can ensure that your account has sufficient funds to cash out.

If you’ve already updated your Chime settings and paused Chime Savings/Credit Builder transfers, contact Customer Support in the app to complete your account setup.

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