Does Earnin support Chime?

Earnin is testing new ways to support our Chime users. Currently, this means we are allowing a small test group of people who bank with Chime to use Earnin. Based on our learnings and improvements, we hope this is a step toward supporting all Chime users In the future.

An important part of using Earnin is our ability to determine your pay schedule so that we can calculate your available earnings and debit your bank account for outstanding Cash Outs on the correct day. 

Because many Chime users receive their paycheck up to two days earlier than their scheduled payday, Earnin has been unable to fully support all Chime users in the past.

How to find out if you are eligible to use your Chime account with Earnin?

New community members

  • Sign up for an Earnin account by linking your Chime bank account and providing the required info during the sign on process
  • After you login to your new account, you’ll see a message on the homescreen letting you know if you can use your Chime account with Earnin at this time

Existing community members

  • Using the My Bank settings menu, update your linked bank account to Chime
  • The app will show you a message letting you know if Earnin can support your Chime account at this time

If you have a Chime account that Earnin is able to support, please make sure to turn on Allow Transactions in your Chime settings. Turning on Allow Transactions gives us permission to send Cash Outs to your Chime account and debit you on payday.

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