How to dispute EarnIn Card transactions

How do I file a dispute for a transaction made on my EarnIn Card?

If you believe a transaction on your EarnIn Card is incorrect or unauthorized, please reach out to our 24/7 community advocates within the app. 

Reasons you may need to file a dispute:

  • You did not receive the product or service you ordered
  • You do not recognize the charge or business on your statement
  • The product you ordered is damaged, defective, or not as described
  • You believe there was fraud on your account
  • Your card was lost or stolen
  • You have been the victim of identity theft


What is Hummingbird? 

EarnIn uses Hummingbird software to manage disputes related to EarnIn Card. If you see an email from Hummingbird regarding your claim, please follow the requested actions.


How long does it take to investigate my EarnIn Card dispute?

For disputes related to transactions on your EarnIn Card, the dispute investigation process can take up to two billing cycles to complete. During this time, we may contact you for additional information to help with our investigation. You are not required to pay the charges while a dispute is in progress.

If we determine that an error did occur in a transaction, we may process a chargeback on your behalf to the merchant. A chargeback reverses the transaction. 

Merchants have the opportunity to provide information to validate the transaction. If the transaction is deemed valid, it will be charged to your account again. If the merchant is unable to provide sufficient information, the dispute will be closed and you will not be required to pay those charges.