FAQ - Bank Account, Test Transactions and Verification

Why do I see these small transactions in my bank account?

For certain bank accounts, we send small test transactions under $1 to confirm the app is properly connected with the bank. This allows for a smooth transfer out and debit process. 


 I received EarnIn's test transactions but my account is still not verified. What's going on?

It can take 1-2 business days for the verification process to complete. 

If your EarnIn test transactions have been posted to your account, but your account is not verified, our support team will ask for a screenshot to get your account activated. 


How do I know bank verification is complete?

Bank verification is complete when you are ready to transfer out. You’ll see the Transfer out button on the home screen. 

If test transactions are required, your bank and EarnIn must confirm transactions (less than $1) for verification to be completed. 


My bank was already verified. Why is EarnIn trying to verify my bank again?

There are a several reasons to re-establish the connection with your bank account:

  • You recently changed your linked bank account
  • You re-entered the bank information (even if the same bank account)
  • There was a recently resolved bank connection issue with your account.

Re-verification is necessary to ensure you’re able to use Cash Out. 


Can I use my joint bank account if it was already used by another person?

EarnIn does not support two accounts using the same bank information for security purposes. 

You can sign up for EarnIn using the joint bank account if the co-owner has closed their EarnIn account and there have been no EarnIn transactions in the last 30 days. 


Why do you need to see my bank transactions?

There are two main scenarios when EarnIn will request a bank transaction screenshot:

  • To verify you received your most recent direct deposit or that you’re still receiving direct deposits from an existing or new employer. 
  • To verify that our debits or test transactions have processed to your account.
  • To verify that your account does not have a negative balance below -$100.

These are necessary because our bank connection platform does not provide live minute-by-minute information from your bank.

Please note that bank transaction screenshots must show the last 2 digits of your bank account, and your current bank balance to confirm identification.