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With every transfer out, you’re joining us in the fight to change the way people get paid. We refuse to live in a system where we work and employers get to hold on to our pay.  When we all work together, we can create a financial system that works for people. That means a world where people have access to the money they’ve earned as they earn it - without mandatory fees - because that’s what’s fair*. Every transfer out supports our movement to create a better financial system. To transfer out the money you've earned:

  1. Go to Earnin app's home screen.
  2. Click the Transfer button. In order to transfer out, make sure the following are true:
    1. You have available earnings in your bank account.
    2. You haven't reached your Daily Max or Pay Period Max.
  3. You’ll see your money in your account in 1-2 business days, or within minutes using Lightning Speed

Additional Notes


* Earnin does not charge hidden fees for use of its services. Restrictions and/or third party fees may apply. For more info visit

"Together we're building a financial system that works for people" -Earnin

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