What is Credit Monitoring?

Credit Monitoring is a free service for EarnIn community members. After opting-in, you can check and monitor your credit score within the EarnIn app. Monitoring your credit allows you to improve your financial health by avoiding missed payment penalties or potential errors, reporting suspicious activities and using the information for money-related decision making. With Credit Monitoring, you can access your VantageScore 3.0 at any time. Your score will be updated monthly. 


Why should I sign up for Credit Monitoring?

Monitoring your credit score is a key factor for building good credit. Tracking your score on a regular basis doesn’t impact your credit score, you can use the information for budgeting and financial decision making. 

With Credit Monitoring, you can visually track changes to your score over the past 12 months, and drill down into key elements impacting your score. 

Additionally, Credit Monitoring alerts notify you about important changes to your credit report (such as hard inquiries, collection, bankruptcy, etc.) so you stay informed and prepared to take appropriate actions. 


How much does Credit Monitoring cost? 

Zip! Zero dollars. Credit Monitoring is a free service for all EarnIn community members if they choose to opt-in and signing up will not affect your access or ability to use EarnIn’s products.  

If you have questions about your credit score, or VantageScore 3.0 - visit our FAQ page