What is Balance Shield?

Balance Shield puts your earnings in action. There are two components of Balance Shield: 

Alerts - Balance Shield alerts send an email and push notification to the community members when your bank balances fall below an amount that they set ($0-$500). This feature stays on indefinitely but can be disabled at any time. 

Automatic transfers - Balance Shield transfers automatically transfer $100 of your earnings (plus an optional tip) based on your preferred setting ($0 to $500). Balance Shield transfers repeat automatically, but can be disabled at any time. 

Automatic transfers can be sent via Lightning Speed which incurs a $3.99 fee for any transfer up to $100. They can also be sent via standard speed (ACH) for free.


How to Manage Balance Shield

Balance Alerts - Use the slider to adjust the alert range from $0 to $500. Use the Send me an alert toggle to turn alerts on or off. Alerts are sent via email and push notification. 

Automatic transfers - Choose one of the three available options: 

  • No Transfer - Turn automatic transfers off
  • Lightning Speed - An automatic transfer will be sent via Lightning Speed. Funds will arrive within minutes and a $3.99 fee will be applied when EarnIn debits your account.  
  • Standard speed - An automatic transfer will be sent via standard speed (ACH). Funds will arrive within 1-2 business days.  

You can also add an optional tip to be applied whenever an automatic transfer happens. Tips will be debited along with the transfer amount and Lightning Speed fee is applicable.


*Fees may apply to use Lightning Speed. Lightning Speed may not be available to all community members. Cash Outs may take up to thirty minutes, actual transfer speeds will depend on your bank connection. EarnIn will keep debit card information on file to assist with Lightning Speed transactions and will only charge the card if you later provide specific authorization. Restrictions and/or third-party fees may apply, see EarnIn.com/TOS for details.

*Balance Shield Transfer out is subject to community members' available earned wages, Daily Max, and Pay Period Max requirements. Actual Transfer out amount is dependent on community member’s available earnings and will not occur if they have reached their Pay Period Max. Community members are responsible for monitoring their Daily Max and Pay Period Max to ensure that the Transfer out application of Balance Shield is available to them. Other restrictions apply, see Earnin.com/tos for details. If you would like to learn more about how we collect and use this information, check out our Privacy Policy.