What are Automagic Earnings?

Automagic Earnings is a feature within Cash Out that automatically adds your earnings to your account based on your work location. Automagic Earnings works similarly to and takes the place of a timesheet. In order for it to work, we need your GPS (location setting) to be on at all times.

To enroll in Automagic, you need to:

  1. Commute to your workplace
  2. Have a fixed work location
  3. Keep app permissions and GPS turned on.

This feature unfortunately won't work for employees who work remotely or travel during their shift.

We’ve found that most hourly workers work 8 to 9 hours a day and we’ve set a maximum of 14 hours per day to account for overtime work. The AE feature stops loading earnings after 14 hours. If you happen to work more than 14 hours in a workday, please get in touch with one of our chat agents who will make sure that all of your time is accounted for.

Note for Android users

Some devices require your Earnin app to be running in the "background," so please don't swipe up or to the side in the app to close it.

Your phone’s battery saver may also affect GPS. If your phone is on battery saver, it could automatically turn GPS off without alerting you. We recommend that you leave battery saver off, but if you need to turn it on, you should open your Earnin app every few hours to make sure that your Earnin GPS is still running.

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