Why did my Lightning Speed transfer fail?

Here are the most common reasons why Lightning Speed transfers fail: 

  • Your debit card is expired, locked or being replaced (marked as lost or stolen). 
    • If you recently received a replacement debit card, make sure it’s activated and add it within the app
  • The transfer being sent to an inactive active bank account. 
  • The debit cards has temporary block or restriction
    • Contact your bank if you think your card is blocking EarnIn. 

If your Lightning Speed transfer fails, you can retry as a standard speed (ACH) transfer for free. 

If your transfer is processing for more than 30 minutes, please contact customer support.


Fees and restrictions apply to use Lightning Speed . Lightning Speed may not be available at all times. See EarnIn Cash Out User Agreement. Expedited Transfer fee paid up front where applicable - see Evolve Deposit Account Agreement.

Subject to your available earnings, Daily Max and Pay Period Max. EarnIn services may not be available in all states. Restrictions and/or third party fees may apply, for more information please review our Terms of Service available at EarnIn.com/TOS