What happens to my Tip Yourself when I cancel my EarnIn account?

Before closing your Earnin account, you will receive a message in the app that will prompt you to withdraw all your funds from your Tip Jar(s) first. Click here to see the expected time arrival of your funds from your Tip Jar(s) to your checking account.

If your checking account has been closed, please reach out to our support team so that we can mail you a paper check with your total Tip Jar funds. 


Funds are held with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC and are insured by the FDIC up to the standard maximum deposit insurance amount per depositor, per FDIC-insured bank, and per ownership category.

Tip Yourself is a 0% Annual Percentage Yield and $0 monthly fee service. Your Tip Yourself Account and any Tip Jars are not Savings Accounts. Other restrictions and/or third party fees may apply. For more information/details visit earnin.com/tos


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