FAQ - What is EarnIn Card?

What is EarnIn Card?

EarnIn Card allows you to access your earnings and spend immediately with a Visa contactless card.

Unlike transfers to your linked bank account, EarnIn Card is not subject to a $100 daily earnings limit. You can spend up to $1500 per day on your card, or withdraw up to $300 from any ATM that accepts Visa (third-party ATM fees may apply). See our Cardholder Agreement and Security Agreement.


Do I qualify for an EarnIn Card?

EarnIn Card is designed for anyone earning a paycheck, but we do have a few additional requirements. You’ll need to be 18 or over and live permanently in the US to qualify. Also, you’ll need to set up a Deposit Account and send a qualifying direct deposit of at least $500 every two weeks. 


How do I sign up for EarnIn Card? 

Once we get your first qualifying direct deposit, you’ll be eligible to sign up for EarnIn Card! 

From there, just agree to the EarnIn Card terms and conditions and turn on optional autopay for effortless on-time payments. 

Learn more here: What is Deposit Account and how does it work?


When will I receive my EarnIn Card?

Your EarnIn Card will be shipped as soon as you complete the signup process.

Your card should arrive 7-10 business days after shipping. If there’s a delay, please contact support.


Can I add my EarnIn Card to a Digital Wallet?

Yes! Find the plus sign (+) in Apple Pay and Google Pay to add EarnIn Card to your digital wallet. Visit their help center for step-by-step instructions. 

Once added, the billing address stored in your digital wallet must match your EarnIn Card billing address. Follow the steps below to confirm:

Apple Pay

  1. Select EarnIn card
  2. Click on the menu (three dots)
  3. Scroll toward the bottom of the screen to find: Billing Address. Confirm the address matches your EarnIn Card billing address.

Google Wallet

  1. Find your EarnIn card
  2. Click Edit to update your billing address information. The billing address in your Google Pay must match the billing address of your EarnIn Card.
  3. Click Update


How do I activate my EarnIn Card?

You can activate your card in two easy steps!

  1. In the app's home screen, tap Activate
  2. Enter the last 4-digits of your card number and you're ready to spend