Why is there now a fee for Lightning Speed?

Earnin is working on new ways to improve by offering a premium feature on how to access your money as you earn it. Beginning October 18, a portion of our new community members may be selected to participate in an MVP launch in which you will have access to our upgraded Lightning Speed experience.

For a low access fee of $2.99 you'll be able to access your funds immediately to help with your financial goals.

You'll still have access to our traditional ACH Cash Out process that takes 1-3 business for free, but we encourage you to take advantage of the upgrade and see how it works for you!

We’re working hard to collaborate with our community on building a financial system that works for everyone. In doing so, we will always strive to maintain our status as the most affordable way to access your earnings.  

Helpful Hints

For security purposes, banks may sometimes put a temporary hold on your first Cash Out when they don’t recognize who is sending it to the account. Once we’re recognized by your bank, future Cash Outs should be posted to your bank account within an hour.

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