What is Lightning Speed and how can I get it?


When you cash out with Lightning Speed, your money will be in your account in seconds instead of days – even on weekends and holidays – a game-changer for immediate expenses.

Find out if your bank is eligible:

  1. Log in to the app.
  2. Click the Lightning Speed icon on the homepage (lightning bolt)
  3. Add the debit card for the connected checking account that receives at least 50% of your paycheck.

It should take about one business day to verify your card. We will send a small test deposit, which will post in the account linked with us. If you already had your debit card uploaded, but your cashouts aren’t posting to your bank account at Lightning Speed, please re-enter your debit card info.

Still not working? Troubleshoot with this article or chat with our Support team.

Please do not forget to update your card in the app if it’s expired/lost/stolen. Once you receive your new card, update it so you can keep getting your money at Lightning Speed!

Additional notes

The test transaction we send to your account must post (not pending) to complete the setup.

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