What is Lightning Speed?

At Earnin, we want to make money work in a way that’s better for everyone. Changing the world takes time, but now, getting your money doesn’t have to. That’s because we’ve partnered with even more banks to give more members of our community their paychecks with Lightning Speed.

With Lightning Speed, when you Cash Out, your money will be in your account in seconds, instead of days – even on the weekends. Now, that’s a game changer. Wanna see if your bank is eligible?

  1. Log in to the app.
  2. Click the Lightning Speed icon on the homepage
  3. Add the debit card of the bank account that receives your paycheck.

It should take about a day to verify your card. If you already had a bank card uploaded but your Cash Outs aren’t going out with Lightning Speed, delete your card and add it again.


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